Spiritual Growth

Past Life Regression


Do you believe in reincarnation?

A journey to a past life may be taken for many reasons. What’s yours?

  • Spiritual growth?

  • To satisfy curiosity?

  • Understand or heal physical symptoms or emotional challenges?

  • Overcome an irrational fear or phobia?

  • Understand a relationship or special talent?

  • Realize your life’s purpose?

I will guide you as we travel to another time - another place.

These sessions may be done individually or as a couple, in the event that two people would like to explore any past lives shared.

What’s Required?

For a past life session you will let me know the intent of your session. Consider what you are interested in exploring and any questions or guidance you are seeking. Also, if there is an opportunity for healing you can provide details on any symptoms you are experiencing.

These sessions may be done in person or remotely using a computer. All sessions must be prepaid.

An audio recording of your session is included.

Higher Self Session


Do you have questions? Or are you interested in seeking guidance with different aspects of your life?

Are you ready for an amazing experience?

Why not go within?

In your session, we will journey up to your Higher Self and your Team of loving Spirits, Guides and Angels. Discover the peace, calm and tranquility as you become more aware of the universe surrounding you. You will visit your Higher Self- where all your skills, abilities, wisdom and knowledge is stored and accessible. You will feel the beautiful energies of your Team and often, if you are interested, there are opportunities to explore past or even future lives.

These sessions work particularly well for those who easily meditate or who have embraced their intuitive gifts.

Sessions may also be modified if you are seeking validation of your gifts or are seeking a better understanding of other energetic beings, ETs, astral travel or other experiences.

What’s Required?

For amazing individual sessions you will send me the questions or guidance you are seeking. Also, if there is any healing you are seeking you can provide details on any symptoms you are experiencing.

These sessions may be done in person or remotely using a computer. All sessions must be prepaid.

An audio recording of your session is included.

Higher Self -Group Option

A group session is wonderful for people who are interested in experiencing an amazing inner journey to meet their Higher Self and loving Team of Spirits, Guides and Angels .

A session is approximately 2 hours in duration. Kristine explains how hypnosis works and will answer any questions prior to the session. The journey itself is between 45-60 minutes with plenty of time to chat about your experiences afterwards. Participants don’t need to plan ahead of time but rather show up, relax and enjoy the experience.

Beyond the Veil: Connecting with Spirit, your Higher Self and Team

(Remote Session)

Energy surrounds and embraces us. Though invisible as the air we breathe energy is just as real.

This energy is being transmitted all the time. Consider television or radio signals continually being picked up by receivers. Remote energy can also be picked up, transferred and received over long distances as we are all truly connected.

sharon-mccutcheon-576863-unsplash (1).jpg

Whatever our spiritual beliefs, most of us believe in the idea of a soul, or the part of us that makes us who we are.  While our brain is connected to our body, on a physical level, our mind is connected to our soul metaphysically. Through Beyond the Veil: Connecting with Spirit, your Higher Self and Team, we are able to connect with the energy of our Subject, whether the Subject is living or has passed away. We access this information telepathically (or intuitively), so to speak, through time and space. This connection is something we often experience. For example, how often have you ever thought of a person and they called you?

Beyond the Veil: Connecting with Spirit, your Higher Self and Team are remote sessions with the intention of asking questions, sending messages, seeking advice or providing healing for all concerned. These remote sessions require teamwork. As facilitator I prepare a photo of the subject as well as the questions, guidance or healing you are seeking. When ready, I lead a surrogate, often another Hypnotherapist, into trance. My surrogate may be considered a blank slate, purposely knowing little about the Subject other than their name, and photo provided. Once in trance, the Surrogate is asked to call up the Subject’s energy, their Higher Self and Team of Spirits, Guides and Angels and your session proceeds. 

There are many advantages to using this  modality.

  • Language is understood regardless of the language spoken by the Subject

  • We tune in, through time and space, to the Subject’s subconscious energy while bypassing the conscious mind

  • Sessions may provide answers to questions, insight, healing, emotional relief or guidance

  • Guidance for further healing in private sessions may be easily gained

These remote sessions are especially useful when:

  • You wish to connect with a loved one who has passed

  • You would like to have me connect with your Higher Self and the rest of your Team with the intention of healing, insight or guidance

  • You suspect there may be attachments to be removed who may be interfering with your well being

  • You are looking for insight or healing for a young child or even a family pet

What’s required?

To connect with a Subject please provide the following:

  • Subject name with a photograph  

    List of questions, messages or concerns  you have for the session

  • Symptoms or challenges the Subject may be dealing with, and a

  • Signed release and consent form.

  • Payment due prior to remote session taking place

I work with you to put your session plan together. The scheduled session is held as we psychically connect remotely with your energy field, or subconscious, your Higher Self and Team of loving Spirits, Guides and Angels.

An audio recording of your session is provided shortly after concluding.

Spiritual Growth Program

Doorway to Awakening.png

Spiritual Growth: Expanding Your Inner Resources Program

Why seek spiritual growth?

  • Are you longing for connection, a sense of belonging or a change in your life?

  • Are you sensing energy and feeling uneasy, with no one to share?

  • Are you taking on energy, in your body, that is making you feel uncomfortable?

  • As you grow spiritually, are you finding outdated beliefs, unwanted fears or past traumas are resurfacing and you don’t know how to process and release them while liberating yourself?

  • Do you desire to open up and start communicating with your Higher Self or your amazing Team? (And yes- we all have an amazing Team!)

  • Are you feeling scared as you don’t know how to protect your child from intrusive energy in your home?

  • Is your child open to energy and scared as he/she doesn’t understand what is happening?

  • Do you feel like you are making stuff up and are seeking validation with your energy experiences?

  • Are you interested in building on your connection with loved ones from the other side?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above you are likely ready to start building on your intuitive abilities! You are ready to access your own amazing inner resources! If so, please consider investing in yourself and your amazing abilities by enrolling in my 7 week on-line program!

We will meet each week, from the comfort of your own home, using Zoom (a free app) as our classroom. You will then have the rest of the week to build on your knowledge and skills using a number of guided meditations, hypnosis audios and various other exercises. During our time together you will:

  • Build a Foundation of Intuitive and Collective Consciousness knowledge;

  • Learn essential spiritual hygiene tools;

  • Develop tools for identifying, and transforming any unwanted emotions to a neutral or positive state;

  • Open up communication with Spirit, your Team and Higher Self using a variety of different techniques; and

  • Receive 2 personal sessions with me to be used however you wish!

Join my Free Facebook Group, where you will receive tips and secrets to help you in figuring out your abilities within a group of wonderful like-minded people.

If you would like to enroll in this amazing program, or if you wish to set up a free call to discuss the various ways in which I might help you please send me an email today, along with where you live and a phone number. I look forward to chatting with you soon!