Developing mental skills is an important part of being successful in the locker room, boardroom or the classroom.


Imagery & Hypnosis

Many people use imagery (often termed visualization) as a mental training technique that involves using all your senses including thoughts, feelings, emotions, and other sensations such as sight, sound, feel, or adrenaline to create or recreate an experience in your mind! Imagery, used as a mental training skill, may build confidence and a feeling of readiness prior to a competition, examination or conference. Imagery can be used as a cognative technique to plan strategies during competitions or meetings; to rehearse plans during a game or classroom activity; to affirm what you want to occur or as a coping skill strategy to stay calm and composed under pressure. 

Everyone possesses the ability to use imagery but it is a skill that must be developed and practised.

Hypnosis,  used as a tool in delivering mental training sessions, is useful as the conscious, rational part of the brain is relaxed so the subconscious, which is much more influential with mental and physical functions, is more receptive and open to the suggestions it is receiving.  Addition benefits, often experienced through hypnosis, include:

  • improved focus
  • increased calmness and stillness of mind
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • enhanced awareness
  • relaxed muscles
  • improved sleep patterns

Why consider Mental training? Please listen to the 5 minute audio recording and let me share with you my thoughts.

Mental training Development & Delivery

I work with coaches, trainers, or subject matter experts (SME) to determine the appropriate skills to be developed. Next, mental skills are built and incorporated into 30 minute mental training scripts designed to meet the client's specific needs. 

Once satisfied with the script, the training is delivered, using hypnosis, to the individual or group.

Audio recordings are provided for participants to continue their mental training routine at home. Participants may also be provided with log cards to track available audio sessions and dates training has been completed .



Frequently Asked Questions

How will participants feel under hypnosis?

Participants will feel very relaxed, super aware and always in control.

How does hypnosis work?

Under hypnosis, the conscious, rational part of your mind is relaxed so that your subconscious, which is more influential with mental and physical functions, is more receptive and open to the suggestions it is receiving.

How are self-hypnosis audios useful?

Hypnosis is something that the mind remembers so audio recordings are useful in reinforcing suggestions. Similar to working out muscles in a gym, hypnotic suggestions also grow stronger with frequent use. The audio recordings are also a wonderful way for a participant to relax their body while calming and focusing their mind on the mental skills.

How much do mental training sessions cost?

Mental training rates, in general, depend on the number of individuals per session and the commitment of time involved. Discounts are available for youth sports teams or youth organizations.

Access to unlimited use of mental training audio recordings, over a pre-determined time, will be available to participants of individual or group sessions.


Available Now for Review and Delivery

The following mental skills are available for your review right now!


Whatever activity you engage in, you've probably noticed that there have been times when you've felt absolutely focused and when everything flowed perfectly.

Some people call this being "in the zone". While "in the zone" you might feel curiously calm and relaxed, even when in a high pressure situation. And even though you are totally focused and working very hard on one level, on another level there can be a feeling of effortlessness, as if you are observing your own mastery in action. That is a key part of mastering any skill or activity: recognizing that you are no longer perfoming that activity with your conscious mind and that a deeper part of you just knows how to do it.

When you are in the zone, you allow your experience and intuition to flow in a way that allows you to perform just more proficiently than if you were trying to do everything consciously and deliberately.

Focus sessions may be useful for students in school, professionals in the workforce or athletes preparing for games or competitions. 

Discounts are given to all youth taking part in mental training sessions!

If you are interested in exploring mental training please text or call Kristine at (306) 270-2262 or email today.

Volleyball Skills

volleyball pic tiny.jpg

Volleyball season is in full swing. I have developed a number of sessions devoted to volleyball skills which include:

  • Serving
  • Attacking and Hitting
  • Setting
  • Blocking

The intent of these hypnosis sessions are to help athletes develop and practise their skills and communication on the court. Components of the sessions currently include:

  • calming and stilling the mind
  • relaxing muscles
  • communicating with team mates in various aspects of the game
  • staying emotionally calm and in control while responding positively
  • responding effectively defensively and offensively
  • applying strategy during games
  • performing purposefully while playing, i.e. staying off the net, making good approaches, setting free balls, serving the ball into the court, always being ready, etc.

Existing sessions would be reviewed and/or revised to ensure they meet your specific training needs prior to roll out with participants. Sessions are designed to be approximately 30 minutes in duration. Audio recordings are then made available for a pre-determined time to all those attending the individual or group sessions.

Discounts are given to all youth taking part in mental training sessions!

If you are interested in exploring mental training please text or call Kristine at (306) 270-2262 or email today.

Questions? Call, text or email Kristine today!